New Photo-Zine for the Mind and Soul – Jason Eskenazi

by heidistraubephotographer

dog food image

“Dog Food for the Mind and Soul” – (NY Times, Jason Eskenazi, new zine)

I love this new photography and writing creation – highlighted in the New York Times “Lens” blog – a newspaper started by the very talented Turkish photographer Jason Eskenazi and friends – other international photographers and writers – that came out of a frustration with the limited scope of how photo students were being taught to see and think.

I’m inspired by it all – the overall concept, the very personal approach of  the interviews (and how they are handwritten), fun attitudes, and – most of all – the fact that this zine is meant to be touched, handled, passed around in its physical form, not as a digital screen product.

More! More!

(Yes, of course, I want a copy!)