Coming to You? Travel Schedule, September/October 2013

by heidistraubephotographer

Heidi Straube_Anticipation_copyright 2013

Image: “Anticipation” © Heidi Straube, 2013

“Meet with the Muse”
Portraits, Creative Coaching, Inner Path Insights

I’m on the road – will I see you?
Here’s my schedule for September and October, 2013.

I’d love to:
* capture the spirit of your loved ones in portraits
* help you to find direction in a creative or life challenge
* inspire you to express your inner vision through your photography

Santa Fe/Taos, New Mexico                    September 17 – 27, 2013

Boston/Connecticut/Cape Cod                October 1 – 7, 2013

Houston, Texas                                         October 10 – 27, 2013 

Portraits –  (pets included)

Personal Mentor/Muse Sessions – (popular – Walks with the Muse)

Photo Tours/Retreats – (pop-up minis, Sept/Oct)

Transformational Life Coaching


How about having a photo party with some friends – a fun time of shooting, sharing, and learning? We can put that together.

More serious? I can teach you how to go within, find that silent, knowing space, and feel the joy of creative expression, in alignment with your visions and who you are.

Private yoga and meditation, for individuals and groups.

Contact me 713-521-1676, for details and pricing.