“Whose Feet are These?!”

by heidistraubephotographer



Here’s a new addition to my collection, Feet Across the World.” The image was made after a snowstorm we had last week on Cape Cod.

I’m having trouble naming it, though, because…yes, the black boots are my feet, but whose other feet are those running across the freshly fallen snow?

I thought it might be my old friend Pepito, the squirrel who lived in my attic in Houston and refused to leave. I know he was in love with me. So perhaps he stowed away in my car and followed me to Massachusetts?

I do miss him…but I hope it’s not him because he would be missing some feet.

Sowho is it?! Let me know.

Image: “Mystery feet, Eastham, Massachusetts”
© 2014 Heidi Straube

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