“Peace and Grace”

by heidistraubephotographer


Sometimes the comforts of
Peace and Grace
come upon us from unexpected places.

Be open to your gifts.
Softly embrace…Surrender.

Image: “Unexpected Grace”
2014, Heidi Straube

Photographer Note:

I created this image at a time when I was sad and lonely, walking the shoreline thinking I was done with this particular location – for living as well as making photographs. The sea had not held the magic for me in the way I had expected, and that had been a disappointment.

I basically gave up – surrendered to the fact that it just wasn’t the right match for me and there would be other places…and then the light shifted and this sole fairytale house on the island was illuminated, the tree form embracing.

My world shifted – the strange beauty seduced me – my heart opened to peace, grace, love.

I know Spirit – Love – Beauty of Life – is always there, waiting for me.


If you need some nurturing today, perhaps you’ll find grace in my reading of my photo-poem, “Surrender.” The poem and photograph, with the audio link at the end, can be found here. Other photo poems and mini-meditations here.