I love my work! Class #4 – Inner Path of Photography

by heidistraubephotographer

A golden Cape Cod sunset lights up the side of a beach cottage on the cliffs of First Encounter Beach, Massachusetts. The silhouette of a small, elegant tree sits beneath the pinked clouds.


Class #4 – “The Inner Path of Photography” – last Tuesday…
Students shared the images they made from their personal photo shoot after doing the “Shooting from Resonance” exercises from class.

Part of the homework challenge: Photographers were allowed to make only ten images – so shooting had to be thoughtful, deliberate,
truly in alignment with their feelings and intentions.

10 images were then edited down to 5 – attention to the very best. Slideshows were presented, with interesting discussions about the images,
the story, sequencing, inspiration.

Bonus: Now I want to go to the Galapagos Islands!
Plus: An unusual “tiny story” about having a home in the neighborhood
of a small-town private airport.
Have you ever parked your plane in your driveway?

Next week: “Go Wild!”

Photo above: © Heidi Straube 2019 – Image #2 of tiny story “Awe”
See more about the tiny stories here…

I love my work! Teaching, inspiring, and opening new doors to discovery.
“Honoring Inner. Creating Outer.” ❤️

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