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We yearn for the taste of the sacred…and through our cameras discover it, the world, and ourselves.

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“Classes…Intro to Inner Path”


“Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling.

If you can’t feel what you’re looking at,
then you’re never going to get others
to feel anything when they look at your pictures.”

                    – Don McCullin


My work in transformational counseling and the Inner Path of Photography is born from an ever-present desire to honor the spirit within. It gives me great pleasure to help others to discover what is deep inside; to honor, love, and nourish it, and then express one’s unique, amazing soul in photography and life.

When we love a photograph, either as an admirer or its creator, we allow ourselves to feel. Without words, without explanation, we can resonate with an essence that is too often missed in our day to day living. The jolt of recognition, the intrigue of a new awareness, an invitation to explore more, or purely a silent, sacred connection to our hearts: all call to us…and we are seduced. We find ourselves returning to shoot again and again, or to look once more and and be touched by an image that has been shared.

In this spirit of seduction, I’m pleased to share with you two photography classes I’ll be teaching this month at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts.

If you’re in the area, I invite you to explore with me. For those currently living in other worlds, I look forward to meeting with you another time.

May you rise each day and look in wonder, and feel the mysteries and joys of life.

Welcome to My World: Self Expression Through Photography For Teenagers

Introduction to the Inner Path of Photography


If you’re a teenager, “Welcome to My World” is an opportunity for you to honor your passion for photography, and see how it can be used to communicate what’s most important to you and about you. We’ll explore areas that will help in your expression such as:

* how to shoot what you feel and create stronger images;
* what can be learned from the photographs of other artists;
* how to present your work so it says what you truly want to “say”
* images and writing: an expanded expression
* interviewing others and shooting portraits

You’ll guide your own process through this class, making your own decision about what and how you create. By the end of class, you’ll have created a “short story” of photographs that celebrate you and your world. You are the photographer. This is YOUR world!

For more information and registration, click here. 
The four day class (during winter break) runs Tuesday, February 20 to Friday, February 23, 1:00 – 3:00 PM.

* * * * *

For adults, the unique “Introduction to the Inner Path of Photography” will take you on an exploration of your own personal experience of creating and photographing.

What is it about photography that seduces us, engaging the deepest parts of our being? There is an inner process….deeply felt, rarely discussed…that deepens our lives, feeds our souls, and sends us out to shoot again and again. Through sharing photographs, discovering why we are drawn to the art, learning about resonance, contemplative practices, and the work of others such as Minor White and Mark Rothko, we’ll learn to enjoy the mystery of shooting and create photographs and lives that reflect who we are.

For more information and registration, click here.
The three-session class meets weekly starting Thursday, February 22, 6:00 – 8:00 PM.

Image: “Thanksgiving”
Boat Meadow Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
© Heidi Straube 2018


“Higher Selves”

Higher Selves, First Encounter Beach, Heidi Straube Inner Path Photography


We speak of wanting to live from our higher selves

To treat all with honor
see their best side
always act from compassion and love.

I know, it can be a challenge.

This poem is for you, my friend, who sighs and says
“So peaceful where you live!”

I agree.

Easier to connect with that high saintly self
After stepping out on a cliff to discover…


I am grateful.

Image: “Higher Self”
First Encounter Beach, Eastham, MA, Cape Cod
© Heidi Straube 2017


Come join me. I will be your Muse.

Beachwalk Talks
Walks with the Muse
Inner Path Photography Personal Intensive


Coming to You? Travel Schedule, September/October 2013

Heidi Straube_Anticipation_copyright 2013

Image: “Anticipation” © Heidi Straube, 2013

“Meet with the Muse”
Portraits, Creative Coaching, Inner Path Insights

I’m on the road – will I see you?
Here’s my schedule for September and October, 2013.

I’d love to:
* capture the spirit of your loved ones in portraits
* help you to find direction in a creative or life challenge
* inspire you to express your inner vision through your photography

Santa Fe/Taos, New Mexico                    September 17 – 27, 2013

Boston/Connecticut/Cape Cod                October 1 – 7, 2013

Houston, Texas                                         October 10 – 27, 2013 

Portraits –  (pets included)

Personal Mentor/Muse Sessions – (popular – Walks with the Muse)

Photo Tours/Retreats – (pop-up minis, Sept/Oct)

Transformational Life Coaching


How about having a photo party with some friends – a fun time of shooting, sharing, and learning? We can put that together.

More serious? I can teach you how to go within, find that silent, knowing space, and feel the joy of creative expression, in alignment with your visions and who you are.

Private yoga and meditation, for individuals and groups.

Contact me 713-521-1676, for details and pricing.


Georgia O’Keeffe’s Hawaii


“Black Lava Bridge, Hana Coast No. 1,” 1939, by Georgia O’Keeffe.
Honolulu Museum of Art.

Article November 30, 2012: Georgia O’Keeffe’s Hawaii – New York Times

What a wonderful inspiration for a trip to Maui! I had never heard of this trip that Georgia O’Keeffe took to Hawaii, nor had I seen the resulting paintings – how wonderful –

Tony Perrottet, travel writer for the New York times, has written an inviting, unusual article about his exploration of Maui in the footsteps of Georgia O’Keeffe, drawing on the help of Patricia Jennings as his virtual tour guide.

Patricia was 12 years old, the daughter of a Hana plantation manager, when Georgia asked her to be her private guide on the island. The two became friends, which Jennings has written about in the recently published “Georgia O’Keeffe’s Hawaii.”

Let’s follow too in the footsteps of Georgia and create our own impressions/images of Maui  –

Who’s interested?

Georgia O’Keeffe’s Hawaii – New York Times


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