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From the collection “Morgan Turns 21”
© Heidi Straube 2013

I see you
Whether you pretend to see me or not

Your nonchalance does not fool me
My heart remains the same

Love does not disappear on a whim.

Amid the chaos and distractions
The Beloved is always here.

Nick Waplington, “Other Edens”

Easter Island image Nick Waplington book Other Edens 1994

Nick Waplington, “Other Edens”, 1994

My favorite photo book of the day –

Nick Waplington places his head and body atop/within many spaces that aren’t the usual.

Other images from the book and an interesting post can be found on  Chris Pittman’s blog (the fish are a bonus). Frieze Magazine has a review deconstructing the deepest darkest meanings and associations –

But you really need the book in hand.

Enjoy the wonderful introduction by Marianne Wiggins and then experience the “Where’s Wally?” type journey as you turn the pages of unique image after image, Nick appearing in the  most unlikely places. Then you can appreciate the mind and sensibility of this creative, slightly wacky artist.

I love how Nick is “Honoring Inner/Creating Outer” by allowing himself to express inner feelings and associations to places in an unusual way. He’s playful, yet also serious about his photographs. And he has certainly taken the concept of “travel photography” far beyond the expected.


I lay my wing
As a bridge to you

So that you can join us

– Hafiz

i park my car
walk down the sandy path
deeper into the dunes, closer towards the ocean

my feet sink
feel the softness…umm…

hurry hurry i think
i want to see the sea!

it shouldn’t be this hard, it seems
So close, but  requiring energy and strength

i can’t wait for that
delicious feeling
when I turn that corner go around that fence get up to the top



It’s actually a pleasure, this small hill to the sea
sensuous journey of anticipation

not knowing what the view will bring
but trusting in its beauty

Now to remember…and live my life the same

Image: “Truro Dunes” © 2011 Heidi Straube

“Perhaps only silence and love do justice to a great work of art” – Dominique de Menil

“…without explanatory wall texts, the gallery represents the de Menils’ philosophy of allowing unmediated and direct contact with the artwork on view, not conditioned by curators’ thoughts and opinions. “Perhaps only silence and love do justice to a great work of art,” Dominique de Menil once said.”

(Full article about Cy Twombly, the Menil Foundation, and a wonderful picture of Dominique de Menil and Cy Twombly here.)

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