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“Begin Again”

Dramatic white and cream clouds rise in a dark blue sky, inspiring expansion and soulful feelings.

“Begin Again” is one of my favorite meditation phrases,
taken from the Buddhist practice.

It reminds us that each new year, each day, each moment
we are always free…

to recommit to what is most important to us
look to the future with positive anticipation
relax, allow for imperfection, and act again.

Breathe Deeply….

May you feel the grandeur of your Soul
now…and now…and now.

Begin Again.

Image: “The Grandeur of Your Soul”
© Heidi Straube 2019

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Warm Wishes from Heidi…

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness
the astonishing light of your own being.”
~ Hafi

Warmest wishes to you in this season of hope and love…

Life is full of changes…In fact, Life IS change.

May you look back on the past year
and find the beauty that was constant.

May  you pause today, now
and breathe in the goodness of the present moment

And may you step into the New Year
with great anticipation of the magic to come.

My deepest heartfelt wishes that your life’s changes
may contribute to amazing inner and outer riches
expand your possibilities
and deepen and uplift your soul.

– Heidi

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