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“And what of the clouds?” she says
“They dance the beauty of your soul,” he replies




Such is the true nature of passion.

The Heart unfolds its layers
offers its mysteries
opens and softens to Love

Invites the Known
Risks the Unknown

Will the Light expand or the Heart be veiled again?

the Beauty is constant
Passion still alive

Soul’s gift –
Always living from the Exquisite

Image: “Sacred Passion” Heidi Straube, © 2017



Imagine what it must feel like…
to truly know that

You are Precious.

A gem of great beauty
Shining in the universe

Tenderly cared for
Deeply valued

Impossible to dim.

Feel it.

Be it.

Live it.


Image: “Silence – Lapping Waves”
© 2016 Heidi Straube

Plum Cove, Gloucester, Massachusetts


“Vast Love”

Vast Love, Heidi Straube - Inner Path Photography


the wonder of the universe

Infinite possibilities, life desires made real
Freedom to explore, coziness to return

Vast love.

This I wish for you.


Image: “Vast Love”
From Winter: Cape Cod, “Capturing God”
© Heidi Straube, Wellfleet, MA, Cape Cod, 2015

Photographer’s Note:

The last day of my stay of nearly two years on Cape Cod, I repeated a favorite morning ritual – A greeting to those at the wonderful PB Boulangerie bistro, purchase of a latte and pain de chocolate, and continued drive down the road to the beach that I love.

It was May, still quiet season; me alone on the bluff, a small boy & his parents quietly walking the beach. A perfect experience to be gifted with, in a  magical place –
A bittersweet farewell, but never a final good-bye.

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“Try to Say” (Rilke)


“As if no one had ever tried before,
try to say what you see and feel and love and lose.

– Rainer Maria Rilke

Image: “Daybreak: Alive”
From the Cape & Islands Collection, “Capturing God”
© 2014, Heidi Straube
First Encounter Beach, Eastham, MA, Cape Cod

Photographer’s Note:

So early in the morning this was taken – when all were sleeping and the sun barely rising. I loved the quiet, the smell of salt air – water lapping softly, expansive sky. I saw and felt the roughness of the dunes, the trees that have weathered all.

How does one “try to say” – capture in an image – the wonder of being alive, immersed in beauty – Waking each day to deep feeling, vulnerability, love? 

This is my offering. This is a start.

* * * * *

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