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“Try to Say” (Rilke)


“As if no one had ever tried before,
try to say what you see and feel and love and lose.

– Rainer Maria Rilke

Image: “Daybreak: Alive”
From the Cape & Islands Collection, “Capturing God”
© 2014, Heidi Straube
First Encounter Beach, Eastham, MA, Cape Cod

Photographer’s Note:

So early in the morning this was taken – when all were sleeping and the sun barely rising. I loved the quiet, the smell of salt air – water lapping softly, expansive sky. I saw and felt the roughness of the dunes, the trees that have weathered all.

How does one “try to say” – capture in an image – the wonder of being alive, immersed in beauty – Waking each day to deep feeling, vulnerability, love? 

This is my offering. This is a start.

* * * * *

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“My studio…today”


Morning magic

A bit of sadness
this melting snow

Missing blizzard drama

The pink horizon
a surprise trade

Image: “View from my Window, 2.1.2014”

From “Winter on Cape Cod – From my Window”

More “Winter on Cape Cod”

© Heidi Straube 2014

“My Studio…Today”


The blizzard almost over

 ocean breaks through to the  marsh

light lifts and clears

heartbreaking beauty still

Image: “View from my Window, 1.22.2014”
from the collection “My Studio…Today”

 See also “A Winter on Cape Cod”

© Heidi Straube 2014

Dock to the Unknown

“These unexpected gifts of magic still continue
their source as mystifying as ever
whether the “face” before me
Is human, cloud, ice, fire…”

–  Minor White


An approaching storm

Beauty….or Fear?
a choice

Walking forward, not able to see what is at the end of this dock
this day
this life

We can choose to see the light…or darkness.

I choose the magic.


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