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I love my work! Class #4 – Inner Path of Photography

A golden Cape Cod sunset lights up the side of a beach cottage on the cliffs of First Encounter Beach, Massachusetts. The silhouette of a small, elegant tree sits beneath the pinked clouds.


Class #4 – “The Inner Path of Photography” – last Tuesday…
Students shared the images they made from their personal photo shoot after doing the “Shooting from Resonance” exercises from class.

Part of the homework challenge: Photographers were allowed to make only ten images – so shooting had to be thoughtful, deliberate,
truly in alignment with their feelings and intentions.

10 images were then edited down to 5 – attention to the very best. Slideshows were presented, with interesting discussions about the images,
the story, sequencing, inspiration.

Bonus: Now I want to go to the Galapagos Islands!
Plus: An unusual “tiny story” about having a home in the neighborhood
of a small-town private airport.
Have you ever parked your plane in your driveway?

Next week: “Go Wild!”

Photo above: © Heidi Straube 2019 – Image #2 of tiny story “Awe”
See more about the tiny stories here…

I love my work! Teaching, inspiring, and opening new doors to discovery.
“Honoring Inner. Creating Outer.” ❤️

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I love my work! Class #3

A winter sunset at First Encounter Beach, Cape Cod Massachusetts. Chunks of ice are scattered on the beach, with a row of snow where the tide withdrew; reflections of pink-edged clouds are seen in the water of the flats.

So wonderful…

I taught Class #3 of “The Inner Path of Photography” yesterday
at Cotuit Center for the Arts, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Students shared their homework of creating a “tiny story” book
from five of their images, complete with title, intro page, end page.

Every piece was from the heart, unique, entertaining, educational,
(who knew these things about bees and honey?!) and a joy to experience.


Next week: Shooting from “Resonance.”

(Photo above is the first image from my “tiny story;” book title, “Awe.” )

I love my work! Teaching, inspiring, and opening new doors to discovery.
“Honoring Inner. Creating Outer.” ❤️

Photos of the Day

Deepen Your Photography…Uplift Your Life:
Personal Online Video Mentoring, Fireside Chats, Beachwalk Talks

About Heidi


Wishing you love, beauty, 

and food for your Soul.

May you feel the peace of your being deep within…

and rest in Grace.

Image: “Glory”
El Prado, New Mexico
© Heidi Straube 2018

A note from Heidi:

Hello, Kindred Spirits,

Yes, it’s been a while…and so nice to be back and sharing with you again.

Some have been following me on Instagram and Facebook, but if you’ve been away too…welcome back! I’m glad you’re here.

This summer I was immersed in many beautiful places – living and working, exploring, creating, meeting new people, reconnecting with those I’ve loved for years. And enjoying the usual unexpected adventures, of course!

St. Petersburg, FL and Taos, NM were my main homes; Durham, NC, Houston, TX and New York, NY (with stops along the way, yes, I was driving!) added spice. 

And now, as I write this, I’m back for my fifth winter in beautiful Cape Cod (Eastham), Massachusetts. It’s nice to settle in…

Soon you’ll see my new website, with more inspiration, beauty and experiences for you…the culmination of thoughts and dreams from a summer on the road.

But today, I send you greetings from the heart. 

May you take some time to breathe, rest, enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

I’m holding the glory of love for you…May you receive it.


I thank you

“Creating Photographs from Within”  An Artist’s Talk



“What is it about photography that seduces us,
engaging the deepest parts of our being?

There is an inner process, mysterious, quietly felt, rarely discussed…
that feeds our souls, uplifts our lives, and inspires us to create
​​​​​​​images of transformation and beauty.”


Please join me

Thursday, April 5, 2018
5:30 PM – 6:30 PM

for my talk

“Creating Photographs from Within”

Eastham Public Library
190 Samoset Road, Eastham, Massachusetts


“Heidi Straube, M.Ed, LPC, of Inner Path Photography will share her process, images, and deepest sources of inspiration in an ongoing love affair with photography…and  life.” 

This is the third of a five-part series, “How Creators Create” hosted by the Eastham Public Library, Thursdays from March 22 – April 19, 2018. Sponsored by The Friends of the Eastham Public Library.

Admission is free.

More information:
Eastham Public Library

Heidi Straube

Image: “Alive”
First Encounter Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
© 2018 Heidi Straube

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