“Photo of the Day”

by heidistraubephotographer

I’ve been meaning to add the “Photo a Day” piece to my website…but kept putting it off because I didn’t know if I could really keep up with posting one a day. But it’s there now!

You know, I’m great at  shooting lots of images in a day, but when it comes to downloading, categorizing, editing, and making sure they’re something that you want the whole world to see…it’s time consuming and also pushes my “perfectionist” edge.

So I decided to have more fun rather than feed Ms. Perfectionist, so you may need to just bear with me if  you don’t see an image every single day. Of course, what I do post will be perfect…uh hmm.

Enjoy what comes…I know I will!

In the meantime, feel free to check my website periodically (see “Photo of the Day”…or did you already figure that out?) or if you really want to be pampered, sign up on this blog for an email whenever I post something. Go ahead, be decadent!

P.S. The “photo of the day” today is of Robynn Sanders, Houston artist and art car master and muralist and….well, go to her fabulous website and see all that she can do! She just finished a Mini-Cooper art car…hey, go to this website and vote for her too! Hers is the first car, with the robots.

And there’s a parade in the Heights tomorrow…and White Linen Nights Saturday night…

I know, I bring you so many exciting things…