“I wish I had tons of money./ Then I’d be free./ Free to do what?/ Everything.”

by heidistraubephotographer

From Patti Smith’s book “Just Kids”, telling a story about the artist Robert Mapplethorpe:

“Robert’s private mantra: I wish I had tons of money./Then I’d be free./Free to do what?/Everything.”

Imagine being free to do everything. I can feel it, the loosening of  “shoulds” or “can’ts” that keep me limited.

What would I be doing that I’m not doing now if I really could do everything?

That’s worth reflecting on, and then acting on, because of course, much of what we can do doesn’t require money in the initial steps. We just keep ourselves from doing it by saying “it costs too much” or look to the future thinking we won’t have the money to do the grand end point.

One step at a time. Celebrate each step. Feel the real freedom and grasp it with your hunger.