“One Moment in Time”

by heidistraubephotographer

We judge ourselves too harshly when we look at the now
(which may not measure up to our dreams and expectations)

and think
“This is My Life”

Rather than looking at our lives as a sequence of images
a flow of moments in time that – lived through, gathered together –
reflect complex lives of good times and bad
Triumphs and illusions of failure.

Underlying all:

The personal story of constant expression
of love, inspiration, depth of spirit, courage

The experience of pure moments
thankfulness to be alive.

Remember your story

(or perhaps you’ve forgotten
and need someone to tell it to you,
and remind you of the images)

Celebrate the amazing fact
that you are still here to tell the tale


Then you may say,
 “This is My Life.”


Last week I posted a short article here about “sequencing” in photography – where you use the flow of a series of photographs to tell a story, rather than depending on one image to tell it all. I found once again that the choices we make in art often reflect the way we think about life.

Must your life right now be the “ultimate image?” Or can you relax and trust in the beauty of sequencing, your true life story…

Perhaps we could remember that, just as in “sequencing,” our lives cannot be evaluated by just one image, one moment in time.