Happy Birthday, Maria!

by heidistraubephotographer


Maria and Morgan, Joy

 Image: “Maria and Morgan, Laughing Again” © 2014 Heidi Straube
From “Maria Spirit” Collection

When I’m shooting portraits of a person, whether candid or in a formal photo shoot setting, I’m having an experience of their spirit. The joy and challenge of portraiture is to capture the feeling, the essence of the person – whether it be stillness, depth, vibrancy, sadness, or bliss.

Today is my sister Maria’s birthday – and I decided to put together a small impromptu collection of photos I’ve taken of her to share with friends, family, and you. I’m traveling, so they’re just what I had available on my laptop or already on my website  – so I’ll happily add more once I get back to my stored images.

Most enjoyable is to see how Maria’s spirit shines through – no matter what the occasion, in whatever year we’re living.

A wonderful woman who celebrates the moment. I’m honored to be her “celebrity photographer.”

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