“Couples/Duos” Exhibit – PAAM

by heidistraubephotographer



Love, love, loved the current exhibit, “Couples/Duos” I saw for the first time yesterday at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM).

A wonderful concept, and so well curated. Photographers with painters, painters with sculptors, painters with painters – Some are friends, some are couples, some have never met.

So inspiring to see the match and contrasts of sensibilities and expression, and the dialogues between them.

So sorry to have missed the events that accompanied this earlier in the year – PAAM has such wonderful programs and community –

Will go back soon…to absorb and be fed by this again and again…and invite a pairing of my own!

Image:Pat de Groot, October Moon Rising, 2004-05; Nanno de Groot, Red Sail, 1963

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