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My Scroll Hanging at Peter T Brown Gallery, Houston, TX


"As if in a dream…" scroll wall hanging, Peter T Brown Gallery Houston, TX, Heidi Straube


I’m pleased to share with you my latest scroll wall hanging,
“As if in a dream…seaside contemplations”

in the inaugural exhibition
“Over Time: Photography from the Advanced Photography Workshop”
Peter T. Brown Gallery, Houston, Texas.

I’m enjoying integrating my love of meditation, Japanese sensibilities, and beauty of the sea in my current work, and am happy to share this special hanging with you.

* * * * *

“As if in a dream…seaside contemplations” is my contemporary interpretation of the art and intention of traditional scroll wall hangings created by Japanese Zen monks.

In Zenga (Zen art) the scrolls come from an act of meditation. The monk/artist immerses himself in the essence of Spirit, then expresses it visually, to share and inspire a similar experience in the viewer.

Hangings such as these are placed in a contemplative space in the home, to remind and reconnect the viewer to the ever-present inner bliss and beautiful outer manifestations of God.

* * * * *

I believe deeply that we all deserve to be connected to our joy…whether we call it God, inner peace, or Spirit.

"As if an dream…seaside contemplations" scroll wall hanging, Heidi Straube - Inner Path photography

hstraube_asifinadreamscrollhanging_frontv2_petertbrowngallery_2014-9080Life challenges us, and we forget about this beautiful essence within. My work, in the spirit of Zenga, is to bring that spiritual experience to people, and to feel it myself as I create my photographic images and the forms they take.

I invite you to the experience of meeting your soul through photography.

(Click here for enlarged detail, purchase information)

* * * * *

The scroll: I chose three images from my contemplative series, “Sea Dreams,” printed them on archival velvet-style paper, and designed a hand-stitched silk Jacquard scroll wall hanging to complement their peaceful presence. While the front of the scroll highlights the images, the back also radiates it own beauty with hand-stitching, a subtle golden Japanese leaf print on green silk, and a small signed contemplative seaside image gracing the top.

* * * * *

The Peter T. Brown Gallery, located in the Anderson-Clarke Center at Rice University, is open Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Thursdays until 8:00 PM. Enter Entrance #8, at University Boulevard and Stockton Drive. The Anderson-Clarke Center will be on your left. There is free 15-minute parking behind the building.

More about the Peter T. Brown Gallery & the Glasscock School of Continuing Education, Rice University

More contemplative images from Heidi Straube

* * * * *

“One Moment in Time”

We judge ourselves too harshly when we look at the now
(which may not measure up to our dreams and expectations)

and think
“This is My Life”

Rather than looking at our lives as a sequence of images
a flow of moments in time that – lived through, gathered together –
reflect complex lives of good times and bad
Triumphs and illusions of failure.

Underlying all:

The personal story of constant expression
of love, inspiration, depth of spirit, courage

The experience of pure moments
thankfulness to be alive.

Remember your story

(or perhaps you’ve forgotten
and need someone to tell it to you,
and remind you of the images)

Celebrate the amazing fact
that you are still here to tell the tale


Then you may say,
 “This is My Life.”


Last week I posted a short article here about “sequencing” in photography – where you use the flow of a series of photographs to tell a story, rather than depending on one image to tell it all. I found once again that the choices we make in art often reflect the way we think about life.

Must your life right now be the “ultimate image?” Or can you relax and trust in the beauty of sequencing, your true life story…

Perhaps we could remember that, just as in “sequencing,” our lives cannot be evaluated by just one image, one moment in time.

In the creative zone – listening to KCRW Eclectic 24 tonight

Working on a photography project and listening to KRCW Eclectic 24 – what great programming!

I’ve been in the zone for hours as the music just keeps on going…

What do you listen to as you create?

“Halloween Spartans” – Galveston, Texas ©2011 Heidi Straube

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